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Profile picture of TheWireMaster · TheWireMaster posted an update 10 days ago. Ardor ☘ ☀ vs Ethereum infographic by @wire_master #Ardor #Ethereum$ARDR $NXT $Ignis #AEUR #Ardorgate #blockchain #crypto #energyefficiency #sustainable #scalable #GreenEnergy #solarenergy

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What is Ardor: Blockchain as a Service, Explained | CoinCentral

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Jelurida, Nxt, Ardor, Ignis, English please! – Decentralize Today

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While this sounds good in theory and may even pan out, there is technically no reason to use Ardor over something else. There is also the fact that there is nothing differentiating Ardor from other "build a blockchain" solutions(see Omni, Ethereum, NXT). If I have missed something about Ardor that makes it 

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24 Oct 2016 The project, which positions itself as a platform for the smart-contracts, prepares to not only change its name, but fully move to the new blockchain. This will happen only in a year, in the third quarter of 2017, however, the initial distribution of the Ador tokens among all co-owners of the NXT platform is 

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29 ноя 2017 Перевод статьи с английского, источник -vs-competition-pt-7-ethereum-smart-contracts/. Эта одна из серий статей, в которых сравнивается платформа Ardor с другими блокчейн проектами с аналогичными функциями или целями. Вы можете найти предыдущие 

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25. Juni 2016 Ardor, eine Plattform, von dem Kernentwicklerteam von Nxt entwickelt, wurde nun bekannt gegeben. Die Nachricht kommt inmitten der Berichte über den DAO-Hack. Der Hack führte dazu, dass 3 Millionen Ether an Angreifer verloren gingen. Dies hatte einen sehr negativen Einfluss auf Ethereum, die 

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Ardor vs Ethereum | Bitcoin at | Pinterest

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AEON Aeron Aeternity Afghanistan Afghani Agoras Tokens Agrello Aion AirSwap AirToken ALIS AllSafe Alphabit Altcoin AltCommunity Coin AmberCoin Ambrosus AmsterdamCoin Animecoin ANRYZE AntiBitcoin Antilitecoin APX AquariusCoin Aragon ARbit ArcticCoin Ardor Argentum Argus Aricoin Ark ArtByte Artex Coin 

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Ardor – Der Altcoinspekulant

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