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15 Jun 2017 AMD, MSI R9 390 & ASUS R9 290x, 1140, 1500, Ethereum, 62.29Mh/s. AMD, RX 480, 1330, 2100, Ethereum, 26.7Mh/s. AMD, RX 480, 1266, 2000, Ethereum, 22Mh/s. AMD, RX 480 x5, 1315, 2220, Ethereum, 125Mh/s. ASUS, R9 280X, 1100, 1600, Ethereum, 25Mh/s. ASUS, R9 Nano, 1100, 500, Ethereum 

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Ethereum Mining Hash Rates and Overclock Settings for all AMD

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3 Jul 2016 AMD 7990 – Hash-rate: 1385 Kh/s | Cost: $660 | Kh/watt: 4.6266; AMD R9 290 – Hash-rate: 900 Kh/s | Cost: $400 | Kh/watt: 3; AMD R9 290x – Hash-rate: 880 Kh/s | Cost: $560 | Kh/watt: 2.416; AMD R9 280x – Hash-rate: 725 Kh/s | Cost: $320 | Kh/watt: 2.416; AMD 7970 – Hash-rate: 725 Kh/s | Cost: $350 

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