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23 Jun 2016 While every operation in the EVM consumes a predefined amount of gas (for example, a MUL operation always consumes 5 gas), a user can specify a gas price in every transaction. The current gas price is 0.02ยต Ethers, or 0.00000002 ETH. The fee an originator pays a miner is the transaction's (startGas 

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29 May 2017 Cryptocurrency enthusiasts often โ€“ rightfully โ€“ complain about mounting Bitcoin transaction prices. Paying a Dollar or more to send money over the internet sounds incredibly expensive. Unfortunately, Bitcoin is not the only currency suffering from high fees. The Ethereum gas price has gone through the roof 

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ETHBTC. Latest real-time Bats price quote, charts, financials, technicals and opinions.

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Ethereum Price Chart (ETH/USD) | CoinGecko

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The two are mediated by a free market: the price of gas is actually decided by the miners, who can refuse to process a transaction with a lower gas price than their minimum limit. To get gas you simply need to add ether to your account. The Ethereum clients automatically purchase gas for your ether in the amount you 

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